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A home's roof provides one of the most basic human necessities: shelter. It also contributes to the overall curb appeal of a home. If a homeowner is in the market for a new roof, they should consider upgrading the roofing material.

The most common type of roof in this area of the country is a roof that is made of asphalt or composite shingles. In terms of initial cost, asphalt or composite shingles are usually the most affordable. However, there are other roofing materials on the market. In order of affordability, they are wood, metal, tile and slate.

An asphalt or composite shingle roof can last for about 20 years. Not only is the material the most affordable, but it is the easiest to install. It may be possible to install a new shingle roof on top of an old one and eliminate the cost of tearing off an old roof. However, the weight of the roof and the number of times it has already been done may not allow for this. Have a Rural Hall roofing professional assess a home's current roof to determine whether this is feasible.

Consider using wood shingles to add a bit more of a dramatic design statement to a home without a dramatic increase in price. Wood shingles offer a more expensive and historic look to a residence. They are easy to install and come in a variety of patterns to fit the style of many different houses.

A roofing contractor from ABC roofing & Exteriors of Rural Hall NC would be happy to answer any question you have about roof storm damage or roof cleaning.

The downside of wood shingles is that they are prone to fire and moisture damage and they do require ongoing maintenance.

Metal roofs are considered lightweight and durable as well as fire- and rot-resistant, and they have a life of about 50 years. They are available is several different types of metal and a variety of colors and styles. However, a common complaint about metal roofs is that they can be loud during a rain or hailstorm, as well as difficult to match when repairs are needed.

A decor a staple in the southwest, tile roofs are also a good choice in other parts of the country. They are a great insulator and especially durable under harsh and extreme weather. Tile is durable, impervious to insects and rot, fire-resistant, available is a variety of shapes and colors and has a life of about 50 to 70 years.

A slate roof will last the longest, about 150 years, but, on average, is about five times more expensive than an asphalt shingle roof. It is costly to install, partly because it is prone to breaking during installation, but once installed, it becomes a beautiful, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly showpiece. Slate roofing has a unique and beautiful appearance and is actually available in a variety of thicknesses, sizes and colors.

When choosing a roofing material, check with the home insurance provider because some materials may raise or lower homeowner insurance premiums. Consult a roofing profession to determine if there are any extra costs when changing roofing materials. Sometimes, there may be additional costs to reinforce the framing in order to hold heavier materials.

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