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Rural Hall Roofing: Article About Converting To Metal Roofing

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The appeal of metal roofs is their longevity because they last about 50 years instead of 20 or 30 for standard shingles. Homeowners who plan to stay in their home for most of their lives should consider this roofing material. Metal does cost more per square foot for both materials and labor, but it withstands harsher weather. A Rural Hall roofing professional can go over the specific differences between shingles and metal roofs during the quoting process.

Homeowners may be familiar with shingle roof installations where all materials must be removed from the deck to start the project. However, metal roofs can be installed right over the old shingles. Contractors will verify if the roof can withstand the weight of both the shingles and metal with some engineering expertise. In general, most structures can hold both materials safely.

The shingles act as a vapor barrier for the roof deck. Condensation can occur just under metal roofs, creating trapped moisture issues. With the shingles in place under the metal, moisture simply flows off the roof instead of soaking into the deck and attic interior. When shingles cannot remain on the roof for structural reasons, contractors should add felt paper to create a protective layer against moisture issues.

Nails are always used to install shingles because they're quickly added using powered nail guns.

A roofing contractor from ABC roofing & Exteriors of Rural Hall NC would be happy to answer any question you have about roof storm damage or cement siding.

Metal roofs are substantially thicker, however, requiring screws to hold them down. Professionals should have specialized tools to install the screws quickly and accurately.

Unlike shingle installations, fasteners cannot be added haphazardly. Homeowners never see the installed nails from the ground, but metal screws are visible. Contractors must strategically add the screws to the metal with uniform spacing. If two screws are too close together, it creates a valley in the metal. In contrast, excessive spacing encourages a bowed roof section. The even spacing creates a flat roof flush to the deck and an attractive appearance. These screws are part of the roof's aesthetic and should last for the life of the metal itself. They're usually made of the same material as the roof to match in color, offering the same rust and corrosion control.

With the metal roof installed, discuss any maintenance concerns with the contractor. Ask them if roof coatings are necessary to keep the surface free from rust or corrosion, for instance. The professional should have all roof care information written down or should discuss it at length to ensure homeowners are satisfied with their installation.

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