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Homeowners who have never had a roof installed before may be unfamiliar with the different materials that are available. The number of roofing material options that can be used continues to increase over the years due to new advancements in the industry. Rural Hall roofing professionals can help homeowners learn more about the various options that are available by providing them with accurate information about the different roofing products from which they can choose.

Clay tiles are one of the oldest roofing materials in existence because of the natural clay from which they're constructed. It's been used for hundreds of years in warmer climates due to its ability to insulate many different types of properties and maintain a cool interior setting even in warm weather. The S shape of the tiles creates an interlocking design on roofs that prevents the absorption of heat. The clay material also reflects a significant amount of heat, providing homes with added energy efficiency throughout the year.

Metal roofs are another option that's increasing in popularity due to their long lifespans and reflective surfaces. They're often constructed of steel and aluminum, which make them capable of withstanding different climate conditions. Metal roofs have the ability to reflect sunlight in warmer environments and can also easily shed rain or snow during the winter months, preventing ice dams from forming.

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Metal roofs are also a green choice for those who want to their properties to be eco-friendly because they're recyclable once they need to be replaced.

Terracotta panels are an alternative for those who want to spend less to replace their roof without compromising on its style. These panels are easy to install and extremely durable as they're constructed out of steel. The exterior coating of clay on the panels allows them to look identical to clay tiles.

Those who want a roof installed that will last an average of 100 years can choose slate, which is one of the most durable materials on the market. Slate is extremely dense, which allows it to provide a high level of insulation on both residential and commercial properties. Many homeowners also enjoy the added curb appeal that slate roofs provide and its ability to increase the value of their properties. Slate is also waterproof and only requires minimal maintenance over the years. Slate panels are less prone to blow-offs in extreme weather conditions due to the heft of the natural rock material.

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