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Rural Hall Roofing: Article About Maintaining Your Roof Over The Summer

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Summertime may bring more sunny days, but it can also be a time of sudden storms and other weather surprises. As the temperatures rise, consider some preventative maintenance tips to keep your roof in top shape. A Rural Hall roofing professional can perform a thorough inspection to determine if there's anything requiring immediate attention that goes beyond a do-it-yourself repair.

Missing or loose shingles should be replaced, even if there are no signs of a leak. When it rains, water can get underneath vulnerable spots on your roof and cause blistering. A solid roof surface allows water to cascade off and into gutters. If you notice signs of water piling up on your roof after a rainstorm, you should also inspect your gutters.

Remove leaves and other debris that accumulated on your roof over the winter and spring. Aside from being unsightly, such materials can get into your gutters or loosen shingles, especially if you have heavy or sharp branches on your roof. Trim any tree branches that are in close proximity to your roof to minimize the accumulation of more debris over the summer. Doing so can also prevent squirrels and other animals from scampering onto your roof.

A roofing contractor from ABC roofing & Exteriors of Rural Hall NC would be happy to answer any question you have about cement siding or vinyl siding.

Check for damaged flashing around your chimney, vents, skylights, or other roof openings to prevent water from seeping into your home during rains. Caulking and mortar that may be cracked or showing signs of age also need to be completely removed and replaced to further minimize the risk of unexpected leaks.

Roof maintenance extends beyond the exterior of your roof. Summer is a good time to prepare for fall and winter by adding sufficient insulation to your attic to prevent water damage from freezing and thawing cycles. Make sure your attic is properly ventilated to prevent mold growth and moisture buildup, which can be a potentially serious issue if such growth takes place in the underlying structures of your roof.

Don't assume that algae or moss on your roof is harmless. The resulting fungal growth may weaken the integrity of the surface materials on your roof over time. Once removed, algae and moss growth can be prevented with zinc or copper strips or through the application of asphalt shingles with copper granules.

The longer days and warmer weather that's characteristic of the summer season also make it easier to safely take care of routine maintenance needs. If you have an older roof, it's wise to consult with a roofer since signs of wear and potentially problematic structural issues may not be evident from a visual inspection alone.

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