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Installing a skylight is a clever way to add more light to the interior, saving on electricity costs throughout the year. These specialized windows aren't as simple to install as a basic window, however. A Rural Hall roofing professional must create a hole in the roof to create this unique light source. Expert skylight installation requires specific steps that homeowners can verify with just basic observations.

No skylight installation starts with cutting into the roof. A thorough inspection both below and on top of the roof is necessary. Contractors must survey the potential installation area for strong support. Wood crossbeams must be nearby, but contractors also don't want to cut into them for the glass installation itself. They'll put together several potential locations for the homeowner to pick from for the final skylight area. It may not be in a desired location because of structural issues.

Roofers remove roofing materials at the installation area and surrounding it, providing enough working space without harming the roof itself. With the exact location pinpointed, contractors then cut into the roof. They'll create a square, circle or rectangle based on the skylight's design.

A roofing contractor from ABC roofing & Exteriors of Rural Hall NC would be happy to answer any question you have about roof storm damage or vinyl siding.

There may be sanding and other refining techniques used on the opening to make it the perfect size.

Professionals can add a curb mount and glass pane, depending on the skylight design and model. The mount normally goes in first, allowing workers to adjust the opening and seating procedure before the glass is added. This process protects the glass from any damage.

This mount or frame must be attached to the roof deck with strong fasteners. Skylights can be extremely heavy, depending on their size. Contractors verify these connection points several times before finishing with the glass addition.

With the skylight in place, the roof must be repaired. Professionals begin to line the exposed deck with roofing material. If there are any issues with the old materials, new shingles could be necessary. After all the roof material is properly attached, flashing is installed around the skylight. These metal pieces ensure the skylight doesn't leak between the frame and roof deck. Contractors may test the skylight and roof installation with water to completely verify its sealing ability.

Homeowners should verify when contractors will return for a followup inspection. Like any major installation, parts and fasteners can settle over time. Professionals return to visually inspect the skylight, ensuring that no leaks or problems will occur. Adjustments are part of a reputable contractor's promise to loyal homeowners.

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