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While intense rains are known to be a problem for roofing systems, a lesser recognized issue is the effect of high humidity levels. The amount of moisture in the air varies by the season and over the course of a day, but prolonged high humidity can have considerable consequences on the structural integrity of a roof. Homeowners can work with experienced Rural Hall roofing contractors to ensure that their homes are protected against moisture intrusion from humid air.

One of the most significant effects of high humidity is its ability to warp or curl shingles. These effects are most pronounced on wooden shakes. If wood shakes are not sealed every 1 to 2 years, they will lose their resistance to moisture and water. This allows the humid air a chance to penetrate through the wood. Wet shingles can rot, split or crack and become ineffective. The warping and curling also affect asphalt shingles.

Exposed pieces of lumber and framing such as soffit and fascia boards are also affected by excessive humidity levels. These boards help to seal the underside of the roof and also provide an anchoring place for rain gutters.

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When the wood becomes damp from humidity, the boards can warp and pull away from the home's side walls and upper roof surface. This allows unwanted air exchange with the outdoors. The gap also provides a space for more water to enter the house, setting up the stage for a roof leak. The fasteners for the gutters may slip out of place, causing the gutters to sag. Once the gutters are no longer flush, they will not be able to successfully divert rainwater away from the roof.

Many homeowners enjoy the aesthetics and functionality of a skylight, but these additions can be risky for the roof due to the potential for water and humidity intrusion. Rather than retrofitting a skylight or large opening through a roof, roofers can install a framed opening if the project is planned during construction. A framed opening can also be retrofit during a reroofing project when the roof is stripped to the wooden decking. This helps to minimize the effects of humidity on the metal flashing and glass of a skylight.

Humid air can also cause corrosion of metal flashing and fasteners on a home's roof. Rusted flashing can deteriorate, allowing moisture and rain to seep through crevices and into the wooden decking of the roof. A corroded nail may break, allowing water to leak through the hole.

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