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Most homeowners get their roofs replaced for practical reasons such as if it's old, worn out or leaking. An additional benefit of a roof replacement is the opportunity to increase the curb appeal, and therefore, the property value of a home. The roof can account for up to 40 percent of what people notice on the exterior of a house, making selecting the right roof color that much more important.

Some homeowners will be thrilled to be able to select the color of their roofs while others will be too overwhelmed even thinking about it. Due to the abundance of roof color options available, it can be easy for some and stressful for others to decide upon a color. According to Rural Hall roofing professionals, homeowners should keep in mind that their new roofs will likely last around 20 to 30 years, so choosing a color they can live with for that long is important. Below are some tips that homeowners should consider when choosing a color for their homes' roofs.

A homeowner should first check with his or her HOA to find out if there are any restrictions or suggestions for roofing materials and colors.

ABC Roofing & Exteriors, Rural Hall roofers would be happy to answer any question you have about cement siding or roof storm damage.

If there are rules and guidelines in place, homeowners should closely adhere to them.

Energy efficiency can be a factor that affects the color selection of a home's roof, and it will vary depending on shingle type and local weather conditions. A federally backed study found that plywood located underneath shingles with black granules ended up being 10 degrees warmer on a sunny day than plywood underneath an identical white shingled roof. On the other hand, no reportable differences in temperature were found on other shingle colors like gray or brown. Homeowners should ask their roofing contractors for help in determining if one particular color of shingle may offer more energy efficiency over another.

The colors on a home's exterior and the roof shouldn't match exactly but should complement one another. Having the roof color match too perfectly with brick or siding can be a mistake and will create a monotone, boring color palette.

If a house's exterior contains several different colors or if the colors are especially bold, the homeowner should choose a more neutral color for his or her roof. Too many colors and patterns can turn a property into an eyesore, annoying the neighbors and driving away people who are interested in purchasing a home in the area.

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