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Walkertown Roofing: Article About Advantages Of Metal Roofing

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Metal roofing is usually used on commercial or industrial buildings, but some homeowners are beginning to realize that this roofing material offers many benefits to residential homes. When properly installed by experienced Walkertown roofing contractors, a metal roof can last for decades and provide excellent protection against the elements.

One reason that more homeowners are beginning to install metal roofs on their homes is that these roofs are extremely durable. In some cases, metal roofs can protect homes from gusts of wind that may exceed 140 mph. These kinds of roofs tend to be more resistant to impact, meaning that the roof is less likely to be damaged by hail or falling debris during storms. With proper maintenance, they also usually won't corrode, so their estimated life expectancy is 40 years or more.

Another major advantage is that metal roofs are energy efficient. Unlike asphalt shingle roofs, metal reflects solar radiant heat instead of soaking it up, keeping the attic space and the home cooler overall. Not only can this reduce the homeowner's cooling costs by up to 25 percent, but less energy is used.

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Since metal roofs last a long time, they reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the landfills as opposed to the frequent roof replacements that are required with asphalt shingle roofs. Additionally, the metal from metal roofs can be recycled once the roof is replaced. Even better, new metal roofs are often made from recycled materials. Depending on the roof, the metal could be made from up to 95 percent recycled content.

While there are major advantages to having a metal roof installed, homeowners should understand that there are a few disadvantages that may prevent this type of roof from being right for them. For example, metal roofs do expand and contract over time, potentially causing the standing seam panels to loosen and allow water inside. This can be fixed with proper installation and routine maintenance. Metal roofs are often more expensive than other types of roofing materials. While this extra cost may be worth the durability and estimated life expectancy, installing a metal roof is a huge investment that some may not want or be able to make.

Despite the few challenges that come along with metal roofing, there are many homeowners who find that they are worth investing in. Those who are interested in having a metal roof installed should contact their local trusted roofing contractor to determine if a metal roof is right for them.

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