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Walkertown Roofing: Article About Common Gutter Problems

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In regions that experience large amounts of rain throughout the year, homeowners rely on their gutter systems to carry water away from their roof to the ground without causing structural damage. However, when they are not properly maintained or installed, a homeowner may experience certain problems with their gutter system that could result in damage to their home. An experienced Walkertown roofing technician can assist a homeowner with any repairs that may be needed.

Debris accumulation is one of the most common problems homeowners have with their gutters. Any loose debris that becomes trapped in the gutters will begin to break down immediately, forming a sheet of decomposed matter that causes clogs. Not only does this cause water to pool in the gutters and accelerate wear, it could become a fire or flood hazard.

Homeowners who have older homes or who add an addition to their home may experience an overloaded roof drainage system. A system overload occurs when the system cannot drain the water away fast enough, causing flooding. If the overload is not caused by clogs, this can be easily addressed by having an expert add drainpipes to assist with the increased water load.

Rusted gutters can also occur in older systems or those not made of rust-resistant materials.

ABC roofing & Exteriors of Walkertown NC can answer questions you have about replacement windows or gutter covers.

If the rust advances enough, the gutter could become corroded. Corroded gutters cannot carry water away from the roofs. If the corrosion occurs near the home's roof, water could potentially leak into the ceiling and cause damage.

While it is always recommended that homeowners maintain their gutters by removing debris, improperly performed maintenance can cause damage to the system. For example, leaning a ladder against aluminum gutters can cause them to bend or crack. This could also cause their seams to split. Other damage that may occur to gutters can include the formation of ice and holes caused by pests.

In general, aluminum gutters have an estimated lifespan of between 20 and 30 years if they are properly installed and maintained though they are prone to experiencing problems. There are several signs that may indicate that the gutter system has been damaged. For example, rot or water damage may be seen under the eaves, or water could be pooling inside the gutters themselves. If a homeowner sees these signs, it is recommended that they call an expert roofer to assist with repairs before any lasting damage to the home's structure takes place.

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