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The roof acts as a barrier to the weathering elements from driving rain to heavy snow. A structure couldn't stand for very long without a strong roof deck, underlayment or shingle system. Regardless of the materials and installation expertise, roof leaks do occur over time. A Walkertown roofing professional may need to venture onto the roof to find problematic areas. There are often clues hidden in the home that point toward a roof leak location, however, allowing residents to offer the professional some guidance during evaluation.

Take a trip up to the attic. There are telltale leak clues hidden along studs, joists and walls within this space. Using a bright flashlight, inspect the wood supports. Wood often displays a stained appearance when exposed to water. A contractor may want to take a closer look at these stains, especially if they are found across the entire attic space. These stains could point toward one main leak or several of them spread across the roof deck.

All the air in a home may feel sticky as residents move between the indoors and outdoors, indicating moisture in the air. This humidity is caused by water leaking into the home. It would be more noticeable on rainy days, especially if rain has been consistent over a week or more.

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Humidity across the entire interior space doesn't provide a pinpoint leak location, but it does indicate a real problem that must be solved.

There could be a persistent leak causing mold and mildew issues, requiring immediate professional help to prevent more growth. Both of these microorganisms rely on moist conditions to reproduce and spread. Some mold species can be harmful to residents, so it's critical to hire a contractor who can determine the leak quickly with a resolution to match.

When brown stains begin to appear on the drywall, a roof leak has made it's way through wood support beams to the interior walls. This drywall is damp and should be replaced by a professional. In the meantime, it offers a guide map for professionals to find a stubborn roof leak. Stain sizes and configurations could point to the leak location when expert eyes evaluate them.

A roof is a complex system meant to direct water away from the structure, including standard gutters and even a roof scupper. Leaks can develop at almost any connection point between materials, so maintain a consistent preventive maintenance program with a contractor to avoid major leak issues.

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