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Walkertown Roofing: Article About Most Attractive Roofing Materials

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The main function of a roof is to protect a building's interior from inclement weather and the harsh environmental elements throughout the year. Although it serves an important purpose on a property, a roof can also contribute to its appearance and aesthetic appeal. To enhance a home's curb appeal so that it stands out in a neighborhood, there are a number of attractive roofing materials that can be installed by Walkertown roofing professionals.

Slate panels are considered to be one of the most beautiful types of roofing materials to install due to the natural appearance that they offer. This striking material provides a high level of design that can create an upscale look for a property. Slate tiles come in a wide range of colors including gray, black, red, purple, green and speckled.

Metal roofs are also an attractive option, and they're available in different styles and color shades. As they're known to effectively repel environmental elements, metal roofs allow homeowners to maintain a property that appears tidy all year long. The metal can also be constructed out of different types of materials so that the roof can complement a building's specific type of architecture.

Wood shakes are another popular roofing material used on residential homes, and they're often used on older buildings with classic designs.

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Wood shakes create original, unique looks that have more character than modern roof styles. There are now synthetic wood shakes available on the market that have the same appearance as cedar shingles and require less maintenance than authentic wood. Synthetic wood shakes are less prone to decaying and won't warp or rot over time.

Clay tiles can create highly appealing Italian or Spanish Colonial designs, and they're often used in warm climates to add a high level of curb appeal to homes with their orange and brown color shade. Clay tiles are also available in lighter colors that can reflect more UV rays during the summer.

Those who prefer the look of traditional roofs should consider utilizing asphalt shingles. This material is easy to build on complicated roofs that feature a lot of valleys or chimneys. Asphalt shingles are available in a variety of colors and styles that allow homeowners to create custom looks that match the design of their specific properties. Many asphalt shingles are created to look identical to slate tiles with the same texture and deep hue without the heavy weight that can make them difficult to install.

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