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Homeowners have numerous color choices when it comes to new roof shingle installations. A home can literally be transformed with a quality roof that has an attractive color. Walkertown roofing professionals can even bring color shingle samples to an estimate session to help the homeowner choose the right hue. Homeowners should also know what a proper shingle installation entails to verify that the contractor is working within strict specifications.

With all the old shingles removed from the deck, brand new roofing felt should be rolled out across the exposed plywood. From ground level, this felt material should be overlapped with itself so no deck surface is visible. With all the overlapping completed, contractors start stapling the material down. This part of the roofing job does take some time, but it's critical for a strong base below the shingles.

Shingles must be installed in a straight line, adding to a home's aesthetic beauty and sturdy functionality. Contractors create straight lines using chalk lines. String with embedded chalk is strung over the roof. With two people holding the chalk line at opposite sides, another worker pulls the string up slightly and allows it to snap down onto the roofing felt. The chalk immediately creates a straight line directly on the rooftop, providing a reference point to lay shingles out.

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Shingle attachment begins at the roof's edge. An entire row of shingles is installed and secured with nails. Each shingle should have four nails to keep it secure over the years. Be wary of any contractor trying to use only two or three nails. Their project quality could suffer with poor installation practices.

After one row is installed, contractors move upward to add the next row. Shingles shouldn't line up like a tile floor, but require overlapping on any installation. They should overlap by several inches. Reputable contractors stock ample shingle supplies to service each customer, whereas questionable companies may try to reduce overlapping lengths to lower material costs. Overlapping creates a flow for water to run off the roof. The water doesn't encounter any valleys to puddle within, so it constantly moves away from the structure. Contractors keep this in mind as they continue with the overlapping rows to the roof's peak.

A perfectly installed roof lasts for decades, but questionable installers can easily reduce this longevity factor. As homeowners observe an installation, they'll immediately see if a quality job is being performed. Discuss any concerns with the professionals to clear up issues before they become problems.

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