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Walkertown Roofing: Article About Roof Ventilation Considerations

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Homeowners may be unaware of the complex science and engineering that goes into a basic roof structure. Aside from covering the deck with underlayment and shingles, there are ventilation pipes and vents extending out of the roof that serve important functions. When Walkertown roofing professionals take on a new installation, they must remove and reinstall the ventilation accessories as necessary.

Homeowners should notice venting squares near the roof's ridge line or peak. As the name suggests, this vent allows hot air and moisture to leave the roof and attic area. Because hot air rises, it moves quickly through this vent under normal conditions. The positive air flow to the outside prevents any water from leaking into the exhaust area, too.

Indoor air pressure would be relatively high if air only flowed out of the roof and attic area. To stabilize the structure's air pressure, intake air vents must also be part of the roofing system. However, contractors must install these vents carefully. If they were installed on the roof, water would easily be sucked into the vent. Most intake vents reside under the roof's eaves, providing a protected area to pull air into the home.

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Shingles are overlapped on a roof to create a waterproof surface. As shingles meet an installed vent, however, there is a break in the overlapping configuration. Contractors should install flashing around all vents. Flashing is simply metal sections that form transitions between items on a roof such as where roof sides create a valley. The flashing prevents water from seeping between the shingles and vents, continuing the waterproof surface.

If homeowners complain about a humid household, a wind turbine could be a smart addition during the roof installation. These turbines simply vent air with an actively rotating mechanism. Even a small household generates a lot of water vapor from showers, dish washing and other activities. Wind turbines actively pull air through the home to remove water vapor and encourage fresh air moving into the interior without requiring electrical energy.

Because homeowners may not be familiar with their roof's fine details, they can take a photo of the original roof before the contractors start their work. As the new roof is installed, homeowners can match the ventilation being reinstalled with the original picture. If any ventilation pieces are missing, this fact can be brought up with the contractor to verify proper protocols. All roofs must have ventilation to reduce interior moisture issues.

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