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When a homeowner wishes to slow down the roof's aging process, there are several different products that local Walkertown roofing contractors can use. Many of these materials are designed specifically for use on certain kinds of roofs, such as metal or clay, while others can be used on nearly all sorts of roofing materials. While the homeowner would gain the greatest benefit by having these products installed at the same time as the roofing system, many products allow for existing roofs to be retrofit with these energy-efficient coatings.

Fluorescent pigments are an up-and-coming trend for enhancing a home's energy efficiency. These coatings work by combining reflectance and fluorescence. The reflecting fends off the ultraviolet and visible transmittance that causes a roof to get hot in the presence of direct sunlight. The fluorescent pigments cause the sun's infrared energy to bounce back into the atmosphere rather than be absorbed by the rooftop. The infrared energy is what causes rapid aging due to heat.

Tile roofs can be outfitted with a reflective coating. This coating can be applied at any time and usually consists of acrylic or ceramic particles embedded into a liquid. When exposed to the air, the coating cures. The finished result is a layer that delivers a high level of reflection of sunlight.

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Most of these coatings are light in color, which also helps to deflect infrared energy. The coating also adds some additional water protection to the roof, which helps to extend the life expectancy of clay tiles.

Roofing material manufacturers are also working to develop new cool shingles. These shingles are designed to age more slowly due to specially coated granules that are embedded into the surface of the asphalt. These granules usually contain ceramics with a white glaze. These roofs can stay up to 50 degrees cooler compared to an untreated black asphalt shingle roof.

Metal roofs can also be outfitted with reflective coatings. These coatings are made to reflect heat and light. While unpainted metal does a good job at reflecting light, it readily absorbs and releases heat. By coating the metal, contractors can improve the structure's thermal efficiency. Not only does coating the metal boost the home's energy efficiency, but it can also help to extend the lifespan of the metal. The coating reduces corrosion and helps protect against wear and tear caused by air pollution, dirt and bird droppings that may land on the roof's surface.

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