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When homeowners put in new energy-efficient windows, replace the siding and landscape the yard, the exterior of the home will look well taken care of. New paint and well-placed plants are a great way to increase a home's curb appeal, but what about the roof? Although a roof is rarely thought of unless it is leaking, with today's stylish shingles and improved insulation systems, roofing options can offer great curb appeal as well.

A leaky roof isn't the only sign that the roof needs some tender loving care. Age, missing shingles, mold stains, rotting leaves or other decay can endanger roofing materials as well as make the roof look unsightly. Curled shingles and rusted flashing around skylights and chimneys can be trying to tell the homeowner that something more serious is going on. Even if it isn't, leaving the roof and gutters looking old and tired is like painting the inside of the home and leaving the ceiling faded, stained and dirty.

Sometimes, roofing issues can manifest inside the home as peeling wallpaper, cracked paint or discolored drywall. Having a Winston Salem roofing contractor take a look can prevent problems from multiplying and growing larger. While replacing the entire roof is a major investment, curb appeal will make it easier to sell the home if circumstances change later on.

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Putting it off until the roof is actually leaking can be more costly than updating the roof when funds are easily available and other exterior repairs are being made.

With so many choices in roofing shingles and materials available today, there is no reason not to take a look before re-roofing becomes essential. Without pressure, homeowners can take their time to decide which roofing materials are best for them.

For example, the latest metal roofing options are lightweight, almost maintenance free and come in a wide variety of colors that will show off the new exterior. Ceramic imitations of wood or slate shingles offer great design opportunities as well. Asphalt choices are strong and natural-looking. If eco-friendly materials are important, reflective metal panels reduce energy costs by reflecting sunlight.

Updating the gutters and downspouts is also important for improved curb appeal. Over time, gutters become misshapen, crack, rust and leak. In wet conditions, mold and mildew are also common. While replacing the siding, painting the exterior walls and installing new windows will give the home a great first impression, repairing the roof and gutters will add to the home's fresh new look.

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