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Every homeowner should have a Winston Salem roofing professional inspect their roof twice a year, once in the fall and in the spring. The fall roofing inspection is to ensure that the roof is not damaged prior to the winter weather and to give the homeowner time to make repairs before the first snow of the year. The spring roofing inspection is to check for winter damage and ensure the roof is ready for the spring thunderstorms.

While most roofs last between 10 and 30 years, improper installation and failure to make timely repairs can negatively impact the roof's useful life. Regular inspections can help homeowners properly maintain their roofs and avoid excessively costly repairs.

Many homeowners are under the false impression that they can inspect their roofs on their own. Performing a proper roofing inspection requires getting on the roof and physically viewing the shingles, flashing, vents and other external structures. Most of the inspection cannot be completed from the ground. Homeowners typically do not have the equipment to safely climb on their roofs. Attempting the inspection without safety equipment puts the homeowner at risk for slips, falls and broken bones or may also result in causing damage to the roof.

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Professional roofing inspectors have the tools and equipment to safely climb onto the roof and inspect it. They also have the knowledge to determine which structures need to be repaired and which are still in good condition.

Roofing inspectors check for improper installation and mistakes made by other roofing contractors. If not repaired, these problems can shorten the useful life of the roof. Inspectors also check for excessive debris that needs to be removed. Leaves, twigs and other items can impede the flow of water off the roof during storms. The debris can also clog gutters, causing rainwater to back up onto the roof. When gutters overflow, it can result in mold and mildew and damage to structural components.

Part of the inspection also involves checking for previous storm damage from hail, wind and flying debris, which can cause the roofing to dent and create areas where water pools. When standing water is left on roofs, it can deteriorate shingles by washing away granules, and it promotes the development of moss. Roofing inspectors are trained to look for storm damage by inspecting the interior and exterior of the roof for leaks and areas that are not draining properly.

When homeowners have their roofs inspected on a regular basis, they are able to make small, timely repairs that will extend the useful life of their home's roof.

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