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Winston Salem Roofing: Article About Benefits Of Slate Roofs

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Slate roofs are exceptionally durable and one of the most popular roofing materials across the globe, and they are a great Winston Salem roofing option. Slate is a finely grained stone. It is non-porous and forms from compressed volcanic ash or clay. Slate rock contains slaty cleavage or compression lines. Those lines allow the stone to be split into relatively even sheets. The sheets are then hand cut and trimmed to form slate shingles.

Homeowners can enjoy choosing from a variety of colors, depending on the geographical area where it is mined. Vermont slate is popular across the United States and can be found in red, green, purple, cyan, black and various shades of gray. Homeowners can choose between semi-weathering and unweathering tiles. Semi-weathering tiles tend to change color over time, but that does not affect their weather resistant properties. Instead, the subtle color changes add to the aesthetic value of the roof. Unweathering or unfading tiles hold their colors throughout the life of the roof. Colors and tile styles can also be mixed and matched to create custom patterns.

Slate shingles are naturally weatherproof. They do not deteriorate from sunlight, and they are resistant to temperature fluctuations.

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The shingles do not hold snow or ice, so there is very little risk of winter weather damage. Slate shingles will not burn in a fire, and they are considered energy efficient because they will hold hot and cold air inside the house, which can help lower utility bills.

Slate roofs are environmentally friendly when compared to other types of roofing. Properly installed slate shingles can last between 100 and 150 years. Asphalt shingle and metal roofs last between 20 and 30 years, which means they must be removed and discarded into landfills more often. Slate shingles are not heavily processed or coated in chemicals. If an older building is slated for demolition, the slate roof can be removed and reused on new construction. Slate shingles that reach the end of their useful lives can be repurposed for other projects.

Homeowners with slate roofs enjoy low maintenance and repair bills. An expertly installed slate roof can last 75 years without needing any significant maintenance. If a slate shingle breaks or cracks, the affected shingle can be removed and replaced with a new shingle. The stone shingles are naturally insect resistant, meaning bugs cannot penetrate the shingles or lay eggs between the shingles.

Slate is a great choice for homeowners who are looking for an exceptionally durable roof that needs little to no maintenance for generations. In fact, slate roofs often outlive the buildings they protect.

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