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Homeowners specifically seek out wood roofing because for many different types of residential properties. It offers a beautiful and natural look to a house and when properly maintained, can last significantly longer than asphalt roofing. But as with any type of construction decision, there are advantages and disadvantages to this type of roof. Knowing some information about this roofing before speaking with a Winston Salem roofing professional can be very helpful.

Cedar is the most common wood used for creating roofing shingles and shakes. Red cedar has been and still is quite popular, but white cedar has become more widely used in recent years. White cedar is harvested from younger growth of trees and is also not as expensive as the red cedar. Both offer the same benefits in terms of water resistance and beauty.

One distinct advantage to cedar wood roofing materials is their longevity. They can last twice or possibly three times as long as asphalt shingles, making them a better long-term investment. Wood roofing materials are available in shingles or shakes. Cedar shingles are uniformly cut, while cedar shakes are machine cut and not uniform. Shakes provide a more rustic appearance, and a specifically desired look for certain properties.

Another advantage is their overall appearance.

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The cedar roof offers a beautiful and natural look to the home that adds both value and curb appeal to the property. They are also very energy efficient. Wood shingles and shakes act as a layer of insulation against the absorption of heat from constant sunlight. This keeps the interior cooler in the warmer months naturally.

A large disadvantage to the wood roof is the cost. This tends to eliminate those on a very tight budget, as these roofs are more costly than the asphalt roof and require a certain amount of maintenance. Wood shingles and shakes can come loose or break in extreme weather. Occasionally they will require repair to prevent leaking and damage to the interior of the home. While there are certainly more costly roofing options than cedar wood, it is not the least expensive option on the market.

While treatment to the shingles and shakes to make them fire retardant is standard for these materials, they are made of wood and therefore more naturally susceptible to catching and spreading fire than certain other roofing materials like metal, clay or concrete. They are also prone to the growth of mold or fungus and therefore must be cleaned routinely.

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