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When it comes time to replace the rain gutters, the best choice a homeowner can make will depend on their situation. Knowing about the various materials available today as well as the different styles to choose from will enable homeowners to make the right decision. Gutters protect the home from the weather, so the correct choice will help to maintain the roof, siding and foundation of the house. A wrong choice could have disastrous consequences.

Ideally, seeking out the opinion and expert advice of a Winston Salem roofing contractor can make the task easier. A professional contractor will be able to explain the pros and cons of each material or style. Whether a homeowner is looking for an economical gutter or wants to improve the home's curb appeal, there are many choices to consider.

Vinyl gutters are easy to install and make a great choice for those who live in mild climates. They are highly resistant to rust and corrosion. They are more economical than other choices and are lightweight. Those on tight budgets will appreciate their functionality, but they do have to be installed correctly.

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Vinyl has a tendency to become brittle over time, and in extreme weather conditions, it can crack.

For that reason, aluminum gutters are more popular. While they are also rust-resistant and capable of handling a wide variety of weather conditions, aluminum offers the extra value of being able to be painted without having to worry about it chipping and peeling. Aluminum also comes in seamless styles. Seamless gutters come in longer lengths, can be customized to fit the home and will last longer than other styles due to having fewer joints and seams. They are also easy to install. The downside to aluminum is that it is structurally weaker than other materials. Aluminum gutters and downspouts can be easily damaged or bent from ladders leaning against them. Falling tree branches are also a valid concern.

Rain gutters made of galvanized steel are more sturdy and dependable, but they are susceptible to rust and mold as they age. Frequent roofing inspections can help spot problems as soon as they begin to occur. Stainless steel gutters are often a better choice. Like copper, stainless steel will stay rust free and is almost indestructible. Both stainless steel and copper gutters cost more. However, the type of gutter that is best will depend on budget constraints as well as the homeowner's goals.

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