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Winston Salem Roofing: Article About Clay Roofing Advantages

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Clay roofing can be one of the most beautiful parts of a home. The roof has the potential to be so much more than protection from wind and rain. A clay tile roof is among the most durable materials available for roofing, adding value, protection and style to any home. Talking to a Winston Salem roofing contractor about options in clay tile roofing is a good idea for property owners considering a roof replacement.

Just about the only downside to clay tile roofing is the cost. These materials are among the most expensive options in roofing, but from an economic standpoint, they are a very sound investment. Clay roofs are designed to last well over 100 years and even multiple centuries. Compared to asphalt shingles that must be replaced every 20 years or so, the savings are quite apparent.

A similar product to clay tiles that offer the same general appearance and durability is concrete tile. While still a more expensive option compared to asphalt shingles, a concrete roof is less expensive than clay. When installed properly, concrete tile roofs will last over 50 years. They are aesthetically beautiful and very low-maintenance alternatives that add character and value to the property.

Both clay and concrete tile roofing options are very energy efficient.

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The tiles act as an insulator for both hot and cold. This protects the interior of the home against unnecessary added heating or cooling during seasons where it is undesirable. With better energy efficiency comes savings on energy costs each month. These costs add up over time and help justify the cost of the roofing.

Added to the beauty and long life of the roof come the advantages of extremely low maintenance. Clay and concrete tile roofs do not require much maintenance at all. They are designed to withstand most severe weather without a need for repair. The clay and concrete roof will not rot or mold and should not need any additional work or maintenance when properly installed.

When speaking with a contractor about the options available in clay and concrete tiles, property owners should discuss any structural concerns about the property. Because clay and concrete tiles are much heavier than shingles, the frame of the roof must be sufficient to bare the weight over time. Sometimes added support beams will be all that is necessary to sustain the weight. This is a concern to speak with a professional about before deciding upon a roof.

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