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Winston Salem Roofing: Article About Different Types Of Gutter Guards

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No homeowner enjoys cleaning out the gutters, but it is a chore that must not be neglected. Ignoring gutter maintenance could result in a lot of damage to the roof, siding and foundation and could lead to destruction of landscaping. There are various products that can help to keep gutters free of debris and eliminate the need for climbing a ladder to clean them out twice a year. Winston Salem roofing contractors can help homeowners choose the gutter guard that works best for their home.

Gutter screens are the oldest and most popular type of gutter guard. Depending on the size of their mesh, they may still allow some seeds or buds to get through but are highly effective at keeping leaves and pine needles out of gutters. They are the least expensive product and the easiest for homeowners to install themselves.

Gutter covers typically cover nearly the entire gutter opening. For that reason, they are sometimes referred to as gutter caps. This type of gutter guard relies on the surface tension of water to allow only water into the gutters while leaves and other debris simply washes over the top. Gutter covers work well but must be removed every few years to allow the gutters to be cleaned.

A foam gutter system fills the gutters with a water-permeable foam that keeps debris, leaves and pine needles out of the gutters while allowing water to pass through to the downspouts.

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When choosing this type of system, be sure the foam is treated so it can resist mold and insects. Fire retardant foam is also advisable. Foam systems work exceptionally well for copper gutters because the electrolysis that occurs when two different metals come in contact cannot happen with the foam.

Even when using a gutter guard of any type, it is advisable to place leaf strainers over the opening to the downspout. This piece of screen is similar to strainers used to keep food debris from going down the kitchen sink's drain. Using a leaf strainer will give the added security of keeping the downspouts free and clear of clogs. Using them could eliminate the need to use a plumber's snake to clean out the downspouts every year.

Some gutter guard systems are a hybrid of the types listed above, and which one a homeowner chooses will depend on several factors including the species of trees near the house, gutter material and type of roof. A Winston Salem roofer can help a homeowner determine the type of gutter guard that is best for each particular home.

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