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Saving the planet is even more enjoyable when homeowners can save a little extra money in the process, and today's energy-efficient roofs can help consumers do both. From cool roofs to solar shingles, innovation in roofing continues to offer exciting options. While a consumer's best source of information is a trusted Winston Salem roofing expert, there are a few exciting energy-saving roofing trends to consider.

One of the fastest-growing segments of the roofing industry involves cool roofs. Cool roofs are beneficial because they reduce one of the most troublesome problems of roofing: heat absorption and emission. Conventional dark-colored roofs absorb the sun's heat, causing them to reach temperatures approaching 160 degrees F. That tremendous heat is problematic because it emits back into the atmosphere, leading to a host of environmental problems, including the Heat Island Effect. That roof heat also heats the building's interior, causing elevated cooling costs in the summer.

Cool roofs resist this heat absorption and emission, keeping their structures up to 50 degrees cooler than traditional roofs, and saving consumers 7 to 15 percent on air conditioning costs. Cool roofs are also more durable than traditional roofs because they aren't forced to endure those damaging high temperatures.

Most major roof manufacturers offer their usual product lines in cool roof colors, making cool roofs very affordable and easily available.

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Consumers can narrow down their cool roof options by comparing a roof's solar reflectance index, or SRI, shown on its label.

Solar shingles and flexible solar film are also gaining a following due to decreasing cost and increasing ease of installation. The solar segment of the roofing industry is expected to grow 20 to 40 percent for each of the next 10 years. Their new design features an integrated look that enables solar shingles and film to fit into just about any roof, even concrete tiles. Consumers who add solar shingles to their homes save 40 to 70 percent on annual energy consumption.

Integrating a skylight into a roof can also pay off in reduced utility bills and more efficient energy use. Skylights offer terrific room ventilation, ambient light and winter warmth, and today's Energy Star-rated models provide a high level of efficiency.

Even regular asphalt shingles are more innovative and environmentally friendly than their more traditional versions. Roof manufacturers continue to develop roof coverings that are efficient and durable, some incorporating solar-reflective granules that give homeowners the benefits of cool roofs while maintaining a more traditional, dark-colored roof.

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