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The roof is a complex system protecting the home from rain and wind. Its deck is made of vulnerable wood, so it must be covered with a strong material for years of structural integrity. Tiles, shingles and even metal roofs are all used in various regions, based on household design and functional aspects. Homeowners can discuss various roof parts with a Winston Salem roofing professional to completely understand their application and importance during the next preventive maintenance appointment.

Although it shouldn't be seen after a proper roofing installation, underlayment is a critical part to the roof system. Also known as roofing felt, this thin material is spread out on the deck as another protective layer. Shingles or other roofing materials are attached on top of the underlayment. If any moisture happens to seep under the shingles, the underlayment can catch it before it damages the home itself.

During a basic roofing inspection, contractors should also point out the importance of flashing. These metal pieces protect connection points along the roof's surface. Flashing surrounds chimneys and covers roof angle transitions, for instance. It's also used around skylights to prevent water from entering through frame seams. All flashing should be flush against the roof. Any dislodged sections are normally obvious as they stick up in the air.

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Contractors must reseat these areas for a strong roof.

Homeowners should note that rain gutter systems are part of the roof. They hang off the roof's edge, catching sloughed off rainfall. If the gutters weren't in place, rainfall would fall directly to the ground below. Soil shifting and possible foundation problems could result. Contractors usually inspect the gutters along with the roof to ensure proper water flow across the property.

Rain gutters attach directly to fascia board hanging vertically from the roof's edge. This lumber does hold a lot of weight with gutters attached, along with supporting the rainfall as it moves through the channels. Roofing contractors often inspect the fascia board along with the roof and gutters. Termites and weathering can make the lumber flimsy, creating gutter detachment points. Contractors must repair or replace the fascia as necessary.

Take a look at the roof from the ground level every few months to verify that it appears in good shape. If any item seems to be dislodged or hanging from the roof, contact a professional immediately. High winds and basic wear can detach some materials over time. Repairing them quickly reduces higher costs in the future.

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