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Flat roofing systems are a popular architectural style on modern homes and houses that want to utilize the roof for outdoor patios and recreational spaces. However, a roof with no slope requires special maintenance and drains to facilitate the drainage of rainwater and melting of occasional frozen precipitation. Regular roof care along with annual inspections provided by a qualified Winston Salem roofing service can help property owners with flat roofs protect their homes.

Each fall, homeowners should sweep away any dirt, leaves and other debris that accumulated on their roof over the summer months. Any tree branches that grew over the summertime and are now hanging over the rooftop should be pruned back to reduce future debris, and to ensure that they do not fall if overloaded with ice during the winter. While up on the roof, owners can also check for problem spots such as cracked or loose flashing or caulking that has peeled away from its place. If there are any worn spots, holes or deep pits on the roof's surface, an experienced local roofer should be called to assess the situation and make any needed repairs before a leak can develop.

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While small cracks can be repaired with simple patch kits, large splits, cracks or peeling layers of roofing material require prompt professional attention.

Rooftop drains that connect into the home's gutter and downspout system can help to release excess water during periods of heavy rainfall. Keeping the gutters cleared of debris may be an ongoing challenge due to the flatness of the roof. Monthly cleanups of the gutters may be needed for flat roofs, compared to every 3 to 6 months for a sloped roof. If the roof has drain traps, these will also need to be cleaned out on a monthly basis. A clogged drain will stop water from getting off the roof and may increase the risk of leaks. Standing water also attracts and creates a breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes.

Drainage may be an ongoing challenge for owners of residences with flat roofs. If water tends to pool or pond, a roofing service may be able to add additional drains such as scuppers. These can be installed whether or not the home has an existing rain gutter and downspout system. The scuppers can be placed anywhere they are needed and can be connected to underground water drainage pipes that empty into the waste water system. Scuppers can also empty water into rain barrels to help conserve resources.

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