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Cool roofs have been around since ancient times, and some of the first people to keep their homes cool by painting their roofs white were the Greeks. White-roofed homes have a visually striking appearance and look very interesting and exotic in historic locations around the Mediterranean, but in most neighborhoods in the United States, they clash with nearby dark-roofed homes. Because installing cool roof shingles or tiles can reduce summer rooftop temperatures by more than 50 degrees, from 150 degrees to below 100 degrees, they're too useful to dismiss based on not conforming to popular tastes. Most homes in the U.S. have steep-sloped shingle or tile roofs, and other buildings may have low-sloped, multi-layered roofs consisting of bitumen sheeting, gravel and chips of marble or slag rock.

A Winston Salem roofing specialist will have intimate knowledge of the types of covering available for each style, and in general, the roof on a home determines the type of covering that can be used. For instance, a home with a steep roof pitch of 6:12 or higher is only compatible with shingles because other materials will simply slide off.

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Tiles, gravel and even some types of shingles are often held in place by gravity alone, although the common fiberglass asphalt shingle is usually held in place by staples. Some types of tiles are naturally reflective and don't need any treatment to keep indoor temperatures at their optimum during the summer, and tiles that aren't naturally reflective can be made cool with several surface treatments that are available. The treatments don't turn them white, and most tiles are already light-colored anyway, giving homes a Spanish or Southwestern appearance.

The main source of excessive rooftop heat is dark-colored shingles, and in order to make shingles cool, a new roof usually needs to be installed because there are no approved treatments for making existing shingles reflective. Today's cool roof shingles aren't necessarily light-colored, and new technology allows dark materials to reflect solar heat without reflecting as much light so that the roof looks dark to the eye. Other types of roofs that can be made cool include wood, metal, foam and membrane roofs, but very few residential buildings have these types of coverings. Most neighborhoods have banned wood shingle or shake roofs due to their high risk of catching on fire, and metal roofs can be used for sheds and storage buildings that aren't usually kept cool. When a metal-roofed building needs to be made cooler, its roof can be painted with specially reflective coatings.

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