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A home's roof is one of its most important features because it keeps outdoor elements such as sleet, rain and snow out of a person's house. However, if a roof isn't maintained properly by a Winston Salem roofing expert, it can start to leak. There are some areas of the roof that are much more likely to leak than others.

Trying to diagnose where a leak is coming from can be tricky, which is why it's always recommended that a homeowner hire a professional to perform an inspection of their roof. Another reason to hire professionals is because they are highly skilled and have the proper tools to maintain roofs. However, homeowners should also hire experts because it's not safe for them to attempt roof repairs themselves.

Homes with asphalt shingles usually get leaks for two reasons. The most common of these reasons is a vertical slit forming between the shingles. This usually happens with three-tab asphalt shingles. Another reason for leaks is missing granule, the crushed rock pieces that coat the top of asphalt shingles. The point of these crushed pieces of rock is to protect the asphalt from the sun's ultraviolet rays.

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Once the granules go missing, the asphalt starts to break down, allowing water to seep into the roofing deck. After that, the water works its way into the home through nail holes.

Chimneys are another cause of leaks in homes. Since chimneys require that holes be cut into the roofing deck, the seal between the roofing material and chimney has to be watertight. Roofers do this in two steps. First, they fill in the gap between the roofing material and the chimney with a sealer; then, they cover the transition with a piece of metal called flashing. Over time, the flashing starts to corrode and the sealer cracks, providing a clear entrance for water to leak into the house.

Many homeowners love skylights because they are beautiful features and often increase the resell value of a property. However, skylights are another common area of the roof where leaks occur. As water flows down the slope of a roof, which is also called the pitch, it comes in contact with the base of the skylight and starts to build up. Over time, this wears down the flashing around the skylight and leaks into the house. Unfortunately, skylights are often located above family rooms, which means that leaks drip right into the living quarters rather than attics. This is dangerous because the dripping water can become a slip hazard.

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