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Gutters are an important part of a home. When they are not maintained or cleaned out, they can cause damage on the roof, inside the house and around the yard. It is important to keep them clean and free of debris and leaves. When this is done, it will help extend the life of any home's rooftop and gutters. This is also a good time to inspect them to see if there is anything wrong. Homeowners can give a Winston Salem roofing contractor a call if any problems are discovered during this process.

It is best to stand firmly on a tall, extendable ladder and not on top of the roof. Attaching a ladder horn to the ladder can help keep it from doing damage to the gutter. Buckets can be attached to the ladder for tools or debris, and plastic tarps can be laid out on the lawn in order to protect the landscaping. Homeowners should be sure that the area below the gutters is clear of ornaments or other items; a hose designed for gutters is an especially helpful tool for this job.

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To clean out the gutter, a homeowner or professional will begin by a downspout and use a trowel, small plastic shovel or a gutter scoop to remove large debris like leaves, twigs, pine needles and other things. Debris will get dumped in the bucket or onto the tarp spread on the lawn. The hose can be used to flush out the smaller materials like dirt, small leaves and bugs.

If water does not drain, the person doing the inspection should check the downspout strainer and clean it if needed. If it still does not drain, it could be clogged. This can be cleared by attaching a nozzle to the hose, turning it on full pressure and pushing it up the spout from the bottom. If the spout runs underground, it should be detached and removed from the pipe. A plumber's snake can be used if this process does not work or the nozzle is too big.

The downspout should be reattached to the pipe. The homeowner or professional will flush the gutter with the hose again in order to remove any final bits and pieces and to be sure the downspout strainers are clean again. When flushing the gutters, it is a good time to check for any leaks or damage. Water pooling can indicate a slope problem or water leaking from any part of the gutter or drain. A professional may be needed to take care of any repairs or replacement that might be necessary.

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