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Shingles and ceramic tiles used to be the common roofing materials homeowners chose for a replacement project. Both materials are durable with attractive qualities, but today's homeowner is looking past those items to metal. Although metals were normally used in commercial or industrial applications, roofing manufacturers create beautiful and functional metal materials for basic homes. A Winston Salem roofing professional can go over all the details of all these materials, but metal has special considerations.

Although shingles and tiles come in various colors, metal has both color choices and design differences. The metal can be ornate or simple, depending on the chosen material. Each section may be as small as a shingle or as large as a traditional corrugated metal sheet. Contractors suggest different colors and styles to match the home's decor. Changing the roof out for aesthetic reasons shortly after an installation is a costly move if design and style isn't considered before the project.

Roofers evaluate the structure's stability and load capacity before a quote is even offered. They'll look at any decaying wood or cracked flashing, for example, along with wood beam support. If the home can support a metal roof, the contractor will proceed with an estimate. Any repairs or alterations to the structure will also be included in the quote.

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Homeowners may be somewhat shocked at the cost of a metal roof, but the material lasts much longer than a standard shingle installation. In fact, metal is known to last 50 years or more. There's also extra labor involved to install the metal sections, so homeowners should look over the quote keeping the quality and expert installation skills in mind.

Residents won't have to worry about worn roof sections when metal is installed. These specialized metals are rust-resistant and pests cannot infiltrate the material either. However, metal roofs won't last for long with poor installation strategies. Reputable contractors must have experience with the material to truly install it correctly. Misaligned metal could lead to moisture issues below the material, allowing the structure to suffer from possible decay through mold and mildew problems.

Homeowners looking to add solar panels to a roof after installation should bring up this idea to the roofing contractors before a metal material is added. The future panels add even more weight to the roof. Contractors can verify that the structure will hold both the metal roof and panels to avoid any weight issues. The metal roof will last for many decades, adding significant value to the property.

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