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One of the biggest advantages of a metal roof is their longevity. Many homeowners purchase a metal shingle roof or standing seam roof because they know they won't have to face the expense of having a new roof put on their home for many decades. However, even a durable metal roof is susceptible to storm damage or problems that can result in leaks.

Metal roofs pose a unique challenge to homeowners. While most homeowners feel confident that they can replace a couple of missing asphalt shingles, working on a metal roof is something that is best left to a professional Winston Salem roofing contractor. Not only can a metal roof get extremely slippery, it is also easy to cause more damage if one does not know what they are doing.

A roofer who is experienced in both installing and repairing metal shingles will be able to identify the problem and handle any necessary repairs. Of course, not all roofing contractors have experience working with this type of roofing material. In many cases, though, that won't stop them from attempting the repairs. Homeowners need to do their research and make sure they are hiring a contractor who actually has experience working with metal roofs.

One area where leaks are common is along the flashing. If the seal along the flashing has been broken or has started to deteriorate, water can seep in, causing mold, rot and other damage.

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There are a number of different types of roof cement products, and a professional roofing contractor will be able to inform a homeowner regarding the type that is best for their roof. Additionally, an experienced contractor will have the expertise to handle the repair of all kinds of leaks on a metal roof.

Many homeowners overlook the fact that metal naturally expands and contracts. Because of this constant movement, it is imperative that the right sealants are used to ensure a watertight barrier that will withstand this movement. With the right products and professional application, it is possible to effectively seal a metal roof and avoid the damage and expense of water leaks.

Sometimes the flashing, or even entire sections of the metal roof, may need to be replaced. Panels or shingles can blow off due to poor installation, or a metal roof might sustain punctures or tears that can lead to leaking. Of course, damage to a metal roof can also be cosmetic, such as dents from hail, tree limbs or other debris hitting the roof. A professional roofing contractor who has experience working with metal roofs will offer quality solutions to these problems.

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