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Winston Salem Roofing: Article About Preparing The Roof For Heavy Rain

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Both high winds and rain can cause serious damage to a roof. Moreover, many insurance policies do not actually cover damage caused by wind driven rain even if damage caused by rising water is covered. As such, it is crucial that homeowners protect their roofs to avoid being stuck with the cost of major repairs. A Winston Salem roofing expert will help homeowners ensure proper preventative steps for such weather are taken, and provide information about exactly what damages the homeowner's warranties will cover.

Wind driven rain is water that is driven into the window seals, door seals or under the roof by wind; if wind had not been an element, the rain would have never gotten into the home. If wind is a factor, the resulting water damage is considered windstorm damage and not flood damage, which may not be covered by a roof warranty.

Because damage from wind driven rain is often not covered, regularly visually inspect roofs for any weaknesses in the roof materials, or for any evidence of water damage. Look for leaks around the corners of windows and doors and ensure that all roof vents are properly anchored, have flashing and are sealed. Use high quality silicone caulk to seal vents and outdoor outlets.

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If the roof is missing shingles or if some of the shingles are cracked or curled, call a roofer as soon as possible. Trim back vegetation to reduce any potential damage cause by wind blowing branches onto the roof.

Even with preventative care, wind damage or wear can result in leaks and water damage. Classic signs of water damage include wet ceilings, cracks in the ceiling or in the walls and condensation on windows or walls. Mold growth or odors may also be an indication that a leak has formed. If a leak is suspected, have a contractor come out to fix the problem. This is something that should not be ignored as a small leak indicates that there are weak spots in the roof; the next big wind or rain storm will cause more substantial damage than if the roof was in peak condition.

If roof leaks continue, the damage can become severe and result in expensive repair costs for the homeowner. If homeowners live in areas that are known for occasionally experiencing high winds, they should regularly inspect their roof and ensure that their warranty covers any damage that the wind could cause.

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