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Because of the level of importance the roof plays upon the structure, a qualified professional is the best person to install, repair or maintain any roof. As with most professions, some contractors are a better fit for a specific type of client. Knowing what to look for when hiring a Winston Salem roofing contractor can make a great difference.

Above all else, a property owner should not be charged for an estimate. The estimate is as much for the benefit of the contractor as it is the property owner. It is an opportunity to assess what needs to be done, what the property looks like and how long the job will most likely take to complete. A person wouldn't pay for a price check at a grocery store, and they should not have to pay for an estimate for construction work.

Along the same lines, be cautious of anyone who jumps to give a figure for costs without taking the time to run some calculations. While some roofing contractors may be able to look at a particular type of job and know what the costs will be, it is generally considered best practice to leave the site and call or email the property owner with the cost and time included. The contractor should inform the client how long they should expect before the estimate is ready.

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Be hesitant of roofing contractors that are not punctual. Being at an appointment is a professional courtesy that should be extended during initial consultations as well as while working on the job itself. While there should be flexibility regarding weather conditions, a professional contractor will have his labor force on the job and working at agreed upon times.

A roofing contractor should clean the job site upon completion and leave it in the same condition or better than it was when they started the job. Construction can leave a big mess, and it is the responsibility of the contractor to clean up after the job. Do not issue final payment to the contractor until the area is cleaned. Make sure that this is agreed upon at the beginning before any work is done. Once payment is made, it may be difficult to get them back to do any follow-up work.

A contractor should be willing to provide references upon request. Call people who have worked with the contractor previously and ask about their experiences. There is nothing wrong with a homeowner doing some background checking on someone that will be working on such an important part of their property.

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