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Roofing projects that involve repairing materials or installing new roofs are large and complex, so the owners of the property, whether residential or business, need to know what will benefit them the most. Such decisions should be based on the severity and extent of the problem, which Winston Salem roofing professionals can help determine by inspecting the damage and providing detailed reports on the conditions. This helps the owners minimize any unnecessary costs.

When shingles are damaged because of fallen limbs or high winds, it's relatively inexpensive to have them removed and replaced with new ones. Some owners have shingles left over from when their roofs were installed, bringing the cost down even further. Installing leftover shingles also means that the repaired areas do not look like patchwork, which could happen if the roofers are unable to match the colors between the old and new shingles. Sellers who do not have leftover shingles could ask their roofers to match the new shingles as best as possible to ensure that the property remains attractive.

The decision to install a new roof depends on numerous factors, such as the age and wear on the shingles, how susceptible the property is to damage in the future and the climate in the location.

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Significant damage across the entire roof usually requires reroofing, but it may still be recommended if the damage is limited to only part of the roof. While the owner could reroof only the area that is damaged, it often costs more to reroof in sections than to reroof the entire property at one time.

Owners who choose to reroof part or all of the property also need to decide whether to install the new roof over the existing one or to remove the old materials before laying down the new. The downside to installing new partial roofing on top of the old is that it creates a lopsided appearance because the new material sits a couple inches higher. When it does come time to reroof the entire property, extra work is required to remove the second layer of material, adding to the cost. The upside, however, is that the owner saves money in the short term. This is something that owners need to consider prior to making a decision.

If the roof is reaching its warranty expiration, it may be beneficial to go ahead with a total reroofing whether or not the entire roof has sustained significant damage. Roofing materials such as shingles only last so long, so an old roof might need to be replaced in the next few years anyway. The only way to tell is to have a roofer inspect the roof because they have the skills and experience to detect problems and wear and tear.

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