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Winston Salem Roofing: Article About Repairing and Replacing A Home's Roof

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When people first buy a home, they may fail to anticipate challenges down the road that could compromise their roof. At first, the roof of their home may seem sturdy and built to last the test of time. However, as with many home fixtures, the roof can eventually become so compromised that the owners need to have it repaired or replaced. When trying to decide whether to have the rooftop repaired or replaced entirely, follow the advice of a licensed Winston Salem roofing company and enjoy the best outcome for your house and your budget.

A repair job may be possible if the damage to the roof is not that extensive. For example, if people notice that a few asphalt shingles are curling up on the sides, they may prefer that the shingles be repaired rather than replaced to save money. Likewise, if a wind or rainstorm blows off a number of shingles, the owners' preferred contractor can easily replace them with newer ones, thus restoring the integrity of the roof. Another occasion that may call for repairs rather than a replacement would be alligatoring, when a roof's protective coating becomes worn and removed due to exposure from the sun's harmful rays. Alligatoring can often be taken care of without the entire roof having to be taken apart and replaced with new materials.

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However, other circumstances do require that a home's roof be replaced or upgraded. In particular, if a roof has become so leaky that the attic and inside of the home become damaged, a contractor may recommend that the rooftop be replaced rather than patched. Likewise, a roof that has suffered extensive damage because of a tornado or heavy snowfall may no longer have the structural integrity to protect the home. In this instance, the roof would fare better to have all new materials placed on it rather than the missing shingles and tar be patched.

Another reason to replace an entire roof centers on cosmetic or aesthetic purposes. People may want to add value and beauty to their home by having the older shingles replaced with new, more colorful materials. A gray, neutral asphalt roof can be livened up when the home's owners opt for colorful and textured tile shingles. People can add rustic appeal when they opt for wood shingles. These upgraded materials can increase the value of homes and make the rest of a home's exterior look more visually appealing. A contractor can advise interested homeowners about their best upgrade options.

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