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Winston Salem Roofing: Article About Replacing Gutters, Roofing and Skylights

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After a bout of severe weather, many amateur roofers pass through affected neighborhoods offering their services with huge discounts, and it's possible that a roof installed by one of these companies will hold up without problems. However, small, independent roofing operations are able to offer bargain basement prices because they don't employ factory-trained workers, don't insure and bond their work and don't offer warranties on materials and labor. It's a major gamble to bet that a repair contractor won't have an accident or damage property during a project and that there will never be any mold, algae, premature erosion or issues related to workmanship that a warranty would cover. Another big reason it's important to hire trained and qualified repair contractors is that a roof consists of more than just shingles; there are storm gutters and often skylights to consider as well.

A professional Winston Salem roofing contractor can deal with all these details and offer trained, insured and bonded staff so that, if there is ever a problem, the homeowner doesn't have to bear the burden.

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Professional installation of gutters is important because storm runoff that doesn't drain properly eventually causes cracks in a home's foundation, as well as mold and water damage in the basement. Perhaps the most important detail after proper shingle installation, though, is the skylights. Untrained roofers can create a serious safety hazard by installing skylights incorrectly, and cheap skylights can cause a host of problems ranging from discoloration to heating inefficiency to large, sharp, falling shards of glass.

Skylights don't have to be extremely expensive to provide optimum solar heat gain in winter and solar heat loss in the summer, but in general, the less expensive acrylic skylights tend to discolor over time. Homeowners who are planning a major home renovation have some flexibility when it comes to skylight placement, size and style, and the U.S. Department of Energy recommends a size of 5 percent to 15 percent of the underlying room's floor area. North-facing skylights provide the most light with the least amount of solar heat gain, while south-facing skylights provide the best heat gain in winter, making them less efficient in the summer. Skylights on the east side of a home provide warmth and light at sunrise, while skylights on the west side let in light and warmth around sunset. Different styles provide multi-layered glass or acrylic glazing that prevent dangerous shards of glass from falling by using impact-resistant tempered glass and strong plastic.

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