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There are many hazards that can cause damage and decrease the life of any roof, including roof blistering. Roof blisters do not always mean inevitable damage. As long as a shingle keeps its granules, it won't be a problem or lessen the life of the roof. The problem comes when the blisters pop and potentially cause more damage throughout the home. A Winston Salem roofing contractor could assess the roof blisters as well as do an overall roof inspection to find any other potential problems.

There are a couple of reasons why shingles may blister. In the manufacturing process, a shingle can be made with excess moisture trapped inside. This is highly likely to cause blistering because the sun heats up the roof as well as the moisture that is trapped. This causes blisters to rise up within the shingle. Blistering can also be caused by poor ventilation in the roof. There should always be an open ventilation system through the attic. If there are not enough vents, it can cause the roof to become intensely hot and cause the roof to blister.

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One of the biggest dangers to blistered shingles is when they pop, which causes the granules fall off and leaves the asphalt unprotected. Over time, these areas will lose more and more granules around the area that popped. This can lead to leaks in the roof and can potentially cause extensive damage throughout the home.

There are a few simple steps that a homeowner can do to prevent shingles from popping too soon. The most obvious is to not walk on these bad spots of the roof. The blisters will pop when they are disturbed by foot traffic. Remove any overhanging tree branches that can drop debris such as pine cones, acorns or twigs onto the roof because it can puncture the blister. Another option is to replace shingles before they pop. However, this could be costly, depending on how many are affected.

Blisters can be fixed by cutting and removing the section or patching over it for reinforcement. Often times, the preferred treatment is to leave them alone. The homeowner can always opt to just monitor it to see if it gets worse. This is a judgment call for a homeowner or contractor. However, there are a few things that might increase the need for repair including excessive loss of gravel surfacing and blisters that have breaks or fatigue cracking.

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