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Winston Salem Roofing: Article About Roof Gutter Importance

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Every house has a unique gutter system created specifically for that structure's design. Gutters, downspouts and hangers all combine into a smooth pathway for water to move swiftly off the roof and to the local sewer system. Normally, a Winston Salem roofing professional evaluates gutter systems once or twice a year to verify proper operations. Misaligned or broken gutters only contribute to structural and landscaping damage.

The first duty of any gutter system is keeping water away from the home's foundation. If rain dripped off roof edges without control, the ground below would erode away quickly. Water pooling at the foundation's edge would eventually find its way under the home. Wet soil under a house causes ground shifting and possible structural damage. Rain gutters surrounding the entire roof line prevent any major erosion.

Rain gutters also protect landscape beauty and structural value. They direct water away from soil and foundations by using downspouts and gutters. Water moves swiftly away from the property to prevent soil erosion and puddles. Constantly saturated ground contributes to patches of dead grass and exposed soil. Vegetation surrounding a property is more than just for aesthetic appeal. It protects the land from erosion and ground shifting.

Roofing professionals are instrumental in maintaining strong gutter systems throughout the year. They must adjust and align them as necessary, especially after high winds or a major storm.

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Although gutters are fixed in place, they can warp over time. Professionals inspect all joints and connections, securing them as necessary. They'll also clean out debris that may stick within the gutters. Even with the best care, leaves, twigs and dirt can still be embedded within crevices.

Depending on the gutters, professionals may suggest a mesh cover for the top side. These covers allow water to flow unimpeded through the system like normal, but prevent larger debris from entering the gutters. The debris will either fall off or simply lay on the cover's surface. Contractors must still perform their cleaning services once or twice a year to remove debris and correct any misalignment, but homeowners save on labor because items won't be lodged in the gutters themselves.

Although trees decorating a landscape are beautiful and add shade to a property, they also drop a lot of debris onto the roof. Homeowners should take a look at the trees surrounding the home. If there are several branches hanging over the roof, it's a good idea to hire an arborist to prune them away. Homeowners can keep the roof and gutters clean with yearly pruning and professional gutter evaluations.

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