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Caring for a roof can be as simple as a homeowner checking a few problem areas before the seasons change or after a big storm. If it isn't a chore that homeowners are willing to take on, they can call in a professional. Winston Salem roofing experts can perform preventative maintenance as well as repairs to extend the life of a roof.

When performing a roof inspection, homeowners should first look for signs of potential problems from inside the house. They should inspect the attic and any areas that lead directly to the roof. When searching in the attic, the main goal should be to look for shafts of light. If light is present, it means there are holes in the roof and shingles. Without immediate repair, water will leak into the attic and eventually cause water damage to the home.

After checking the attic, the homeowner should examine the perimeter of the home. The key is to look for any debris or shingles that was part of the roof. Normally, rain washes this debris into the gutter, so it is a good practice to check the gutter spout as well. Pieces of shingles sometimes look like large chips of bark with glass grains or asphalt from a road.

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If there are shingles or broken pieces, this could signal advanced degradation of the roof, and it may need to be replaced.

The hardest and most dangerous part of the inspections is to get on a ladder and check the roof. It is important to check for missing and chipped shingles. Missing shingles are an absolute sign a roof should be repaired. A homeowner should pay close attention to the gutters to see if they are clogged or broken. Gutters are an important part of roofing that keep water from pooling up on the roof and causing leaks. It also helps keep rainwater from draining erratically and destroying landscape below.

Once a homeowner has inspected a roof, it is up to him or her to judge whether or not to call a specialist for further inspection. Above all, a roof should be checked at least twice a year, especially in areas of the country that get snowfall. Winter weather can do severe damage to a roof. Heavy snows can collapse a roof, and ice dams can form in the gutters.

A specialist can assess the amount of damage that has been done to the roof and the amount of repairs needed to get the roof in order. It is also important that a specialist inspect the insulation of the house in order to determine if it needs to be replaced as well. If the insulation shows signs of wear, it could mean damage for the roof come winter time.

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