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Winston Salem Roofing: Article About Roof Ventilation Myths

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Many homeowners understand that the roof ventilation system is an important component of any properly functioning roof. A working ventilation system will reduce moisture in the attic when it's cold out, and release hot air from the attic when warm. However, many homeowners are misinformed about how roof ventilation systems function or what exactly they are supposed to do. This misinformation often results in the formation of myths that could ultimately have a negative impact on the homeowner's own ventilation system. Homeowners who have questions about their systems or who are unsure if their systems are working properly should contact a Winston Salem roofing contractor.

The biggest myth is that the more ventilation the attic has, the better the attic is. On the contrary, there is such thing as too much ventilation. This is because vents offer points of entry for moisture and pests. A certain number of vents are absolutely necessary to reduce the risk of mold and dry rot that could be caused by a lack of ventilation, but an excess of vents are not advantageous.

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Another major myth is that roof vents should only be installed on homes that are located in warmer climates, that the roof vents help increase energy efficiency during the hot part of the year. However, the color of the roof materials, the exposure to the sun and the insulation in the attic play a much more important role in whether or not homeowners can reduce their energy use. Alternatively, some homeowners believe that vents will remove warm air during the winter season; however, if warm air is lost, there is an insulation problem. The homeowner's furnace should not be heating the attic.

Finally, homeowners often believe that if their home has been outfitted with vents, they automatically have ventilation, which is not necessarily the case. There is very little agreement between contractors over what system is best; that being said, a system that is working properly needs intake vents and vents that will release stale air. Without a complete system, vents may only provide circulation for a small area of the attic. If the ridge vent does not have baffles, the air simply will not circulate.

Ultimately, homeowners should consult an expert if they have questions regarding roof ventilation systems. A professional will ensure that the homeowner has the right combination of different vents, and will also check the system's ability to move air throughout the attic.

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