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A beautiful, spacious country home warms the heart as does a quaint, intimate cottage inside the city limits. The details of the architecture, regardless of the style, play a huge role in creating the house's character. With luxurious windows and attractive siding, even a plain building comes to life. Among the most eye catching features is the roof, whether it's constructed with tile, wood, metal or one of the many shingle variations. A plethora of roofing materials are available in the form of shingles, which complement nearly every structural design.

Asphalt is the obvious choice for the client with limited funds. The mixture can be developed into shingles of different colors, thicknesses and textures. For strong fire resistance, fiberglass is the best kind of asphalt shingle. Another common roof is organic which consists of paper covered with an asphalt coating for protection against moisture. While both types are widely used, new technology has introduced the architectural shingle that connects two layers with a specialized sealant between them. This trendy asphalt shingle adds a three dimensional look. A Winston Salem roofing expert can discuss which option will be best for a homeowner.

In order to make shingles from wood, sections must be cut from new growth trees and chemically treated for fire resistance. Pine and western red cedar are the most sought after types of wood for roofing materials. Wood shingles vary in length and width but are seldom longer than 24 inches.

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In comparison to shakes, wood shingles are smooth and thin with sawn surfaces. They can take on unique patterns such as cove, v cut and fish scale when used for siding. Sometimes an appealing roof pattern is created by alternating wood shingles with shakes. If wood shingles are installed in an area with high humidity, they should be laid over open sheathing. The wood should be treated with fungicide within a year after placement.

Among metal roofing options, aluminum shingles are perhaps the most highly demanded. They are energy efficient and more durable than steel. In today's market, metal shingles are manufactured to look like wood shakes, tile and even slate. Homeowners enjoy the textured appearance of these traditional roofing materials without the problems. Metal is lightweight and holds up well during severe weather and extreme temperatures. Real slate shingles and clay tiles are very heavy. Meanwhile, metal shingles don't split, curl or dry out. With proper treatment, rust can be avoided so that the roof will last for many years.

Asphalt is normally the least expensive shingle type to install, but other materials may have a longer lifespan and prove to be a better overall investment. The best choice depends a great deal on the geographical location and structural layout of the home as well as the personal preferences of the property owner.

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