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The roof is a feature of many homes that people don't think about unless there's a problem. Unfortunately, this is the reason many homeowners miss warning signs that their roofs need to be repaired. Many of them don't know their roofs are damaged until leaks occur. Winston Salem roofing experts who perform general maintenance on roofs can see these warning signs and apply the appropriate repairs before the problems manifest.

The first thing that homeowners should never do is replace or repair shingles themselves. If done incorrectly, the repairs may lead to the roof deck rotting because water has seeped in. Also, doing work on top of a house is dangerous. Professional roofers are trained and experienced when it comes to working in these conditions.

One sign that shingles need to be replaced is when they start to curl at the ends. This is a sign that the shingles are getting old and have been exposed to excessive heat. Once shingles have curled up, they become susceptible to ice and wind damage. The edges of the shingles also become very fragile and can break easily. This makes it difficult for professional contractors to walk on the shingles.

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Another sign that shingles need to be replaced is the occurrence of missing granules or bare spots. Granules are crushed pieces of rock that are designed to protect the shingles from the harmful rays of the sun. Over time, rainfall starts to break down and wash the granules away. Loss of granules accelerates the aging process of shingles and causes them to decay. It doesn't take much time for the shingles to become hard from exposure to the sun. Soon, the areas with missing granules become prime entry points for water to reach the roofing deck.

Missing or broken shingles are a sign that the whole roof may need replacing soon, and the three things that often cause this are excessive physical damage, wind and old age. As shingles age, the elements cause them to become loose. Once a few shingles reach the point where they start falling off, the other shingles usually aren't far behind.

Buckling is another visible sign that shingles need to be replaced. A buckled shingle is characterized by its wave-like distortion. Just like shingles that curl, buckled shingles are very susceptible to ice and wind damage. Buckling also allows water to run underneath shingles, which can lead to leaks. Strong gusts of wind can rip these shingles right off the roof.

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