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When the roof begins to leak, homeowners need to take immediate steps to have the problem corrected before the situation grows worse. A leaking roof can seriously damage the home. If the roof is left unfixed, mold and mildew can affect the family's health, and walls or other rotting structures will continue to decay. If water gets into the electrical system, fire hazards and power problems will result.

Acting responsibly isn't as simple as replacing a piece of drywall or repainting the ceiling to cover up the stains. If the roof is leaking, something is wrong. However, finding the leak can be a challenging task. While water dripping through the ceiling always means trouble, a leak might not be easy to see. Sometimes, a homeowner can only hear the sound of water dripping. At other times, there are just signs that the roof is leaking. Knowing what those signs are can arm homeowners with the information they need to call in a professional Winston Salem roofing company to fix the problem.

Suspicious signs include wet walls or ceilings; stains and abnormal discolored patches can also signal a leak. Peeling paint, bulges, warped ceiling tiles or a musty smell all point to serious problems that are affecting the home's structure. Normally, water stains will be more abundant in the attic, but evidence of mold could be the only sign.

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Cleaning up the mold and repainting won't fix a damaged roof.

While it is always a great idea to have the roof and attic inspected yearly for potential problems, waiting for the next inspection could cause suspicious signs to get worse. If the leak is seeping into a wall, the potential structural damage makes acting in a timely manner more appropriate. A licensed roofing contractor can climb up onto the roof and check out the flashing, shingles and any dormer structures to discover how the water is getting into the home.

In some cases, shingles will have to be torn off in order to find the leak. Most leaks result when something isn't sealed properly, but the roof could also have holes or spots that have worn thin. In addition to cracked or rusted flashing, roofing vents are another item that needs to be checked out by a professional. Their seams or the housing might be cracked. If the gutters are clogged, they could also be responsible for the leak. By calling in an expert to evaluate the situation, homeowners can stay ahead of the damage and protect their home.

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