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Consumers can spend countless hours selecting EnergyStar appliances and energy-saving fixtures, but they forget that energy efficiency begins long before furnishings are a consideration. Truly energy-efficient homes are created by starting at the top of the structure with a strong, well-installed roof that captures natural resources like light and airflow. Today's innovative skylights fill that bill, bringing together exciting technological developments and tried-and-true methods for filtering light and ventilation into the home. Even better, skylights installed by experienced Winston Salem roofing experts give consumers heightened property values and access to tax incentives and energy rebates.

Modern skylights mesh well with the recent "daylighting" trend, enabling homeowners to reduce their electricity usage by making the most of natural lighting. Tubular skylights help achieve this daylighting effect with lenses and reflectors placed in a tube that stretches from the roof to the interior ceiling. The devices collect light from the roof and diffuse it into the room, preventing direct light from warming the room yet still providing enough natural light that powered lights are unnecessary.

Mechanisms that open and close skylights have also experienced their own transformation. Most current skylights can be operated with a solar-powered wireless system, making them easy to use with just the touch of a button. Some even have rain sensors that will automatically close the skylight when rain threatens.

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One of the most exciting developments in skylights is found in the new glazing and insulating technologies. Glazing options range from high-performance glasses like tempered glass and laminated glass to advanced polycarbonate and acrylic. Modern skylights also have other glazing features that reduce interior heat gain, including low-emissivity coatings, clear insulation and heat-absorbing tints. Some skylights can actually filter out 85 percent of infrared light and 99 percent of ultraviolet light so consumers get the benefit of light without the damaging UV rays and heat gain. Films and gels used in new skylights also provide insulation that is six times greater than conventional skylights.

The shaping of today's skylights is also impressively diverse. Skylights in pyramid, domed and arched shapes are particularly enticing because they provide an appealing design element, and they enable more light to enter the structure from tougher angles.

The vast array of skylight options may be daunting, but homeowners have many informational resources. A trusted local roofer can help guide consumers in selecting the type of skylight that best fits the home and the climate. Consumers can also use the energy-efficiency information provided on product labels to find skylights that offer the best energy-saving features.

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