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As homeowners look for a reputable Winston Salem roofing contractor, there are basic skills every company should employ. From hammering shingles in correctly to aligning gutters, some skills are obvious to homeowners. However, some specialized skills are highly coveted in the industry, which not all roofing professionals offer, making it important to interview contractors thoroughly before hiring them.

An overlooked skill that's incredibly important is regional knowledge. Every region has its own unique weather patterns, from high winds to snowy conditions. When local companies are knowledgeable about these patterns, they can adjust their installation and planning schedule accordingly. For instance, contractors might add one or two extra nails to shingle installations in high wind areas. Professionals may schedule early spring installations when they know winter warms up quickly in a particular area. Homeowners want this extra regional knowledge to keep their investment safe for the long term.

Rooftops aren't just continuous surfaces formed of layers of shingles. Numerous penetrations, most commonly vents, must be dealt with during preventive maintenance or installation. Choose a contractor who has skills with all penetrations, including skylights. Each penetration must be inspected and verified for any leaks. Any shingle installations around these areas must be specialized too, allowing the surface to appear uniform from a ground view.

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Reading all about a contractor's awards and achievements might be difficult to complete, but look for the key phrase "factory certified training." This term refers to the specialized training the company has from one or more manufacturers. Homeowners want an experienced contractor, especially one with hands on training from the material manufacturer. Roofers must be tested and approved for this designation, telling homeowners that every installation will be precise according the manufacturer's instructions.

Don't discount the importance of accessory knowledge. Roofers should have suggestions for roof accessories as they work each project. Gutter covers, for example, are inexpensive ways to keep debris out of a home's drainage system. These covers can protect against water backing up onto the roof, which causes extensive damage.

Regardless of skill levels, professionals must offer homeowners some protection in the form of insurance. Being an insured and bonded contractor means a company has the backing of an insurance group to cover any damages during the project. With proper contractor project skills, however, that insurance is only a safety net. It is simply there for those rare, problematic instances to keep everyone properly protected from extra expenses.

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