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Winston Salem Roofing: Article About Top Wood Types Used For Roofing

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A wood roof can provide homeowners with a tremendous amount of reliability and style. Most wood shake systems are designed to stand the test of time and offer clients an effective way to resist all types of weather damage. Winston Salem roofing specialists can install wood shake roofing systems for just about any home, but there are many distinct types of wood available for shake installations. Learning about the different types and how they can be advantageous for different installations can help homeowners make a more informed purchase on their roofing system.

One of the first and most commonly available wood types that homeowners can consider for their installation is red cedar. Red cedar makes an excellent roofing shingle because it is lightweight, almost 75 percent lighter than most other shingle materials. Despite its light weight, it still maintains the desired degree of strength and durability that is needed for a quality wood rooftop. Cedar is also a natural insulator, having up to eight times the thermal efficiency of other roofing materials.

While it is not a particularly common purchase, rock elm is another excellent wood for roofing shakes.

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Rock elm stands out because of its unique color pattern and ability to naturally resist splitting. This wood is easy to seal and takes well to staining. Rock elm is also known for its ability to hold onto nails and fastenings, as well as its natural hardness. It can be ideal for areas that experience violent weather, as rock elm is resistant to denting and physical wear and tear.

Pine is one of the most affordable wood options available. Many homeowners enjoy choosing this wood because it is very affordable due to its prevalence in North America. Those looking to keep their installation costs low should look for treated pine shingles. In addition to its advantageous price, pine also accepts nails and fasteners easily, unlike other types of soft wood. Many also consider pine to be an aesthetically pleasing option that can add depth and character to the rooftop.

Finally, homeowners may choose to apply redwood to their rooftop. Redwood is often chosen for its ability to withstand all types of damage. It is a naturally sturdy wood that can resist regular weather damage and efficiently deter common invasive pests. Redwood secretes natural oils that make it resistant to rot and insect infestations. The material can be further treated to discourage rot and mildew growth as well.

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