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There are many types of home improvements and repairs that roofing contractors can provide to homeowners besides replacing or repairing the roof. Some of the related services offered by factory-certified roofers are replacing and installing windows, skylights, exterior siding, and gutters and downspouts. To find out the specific services they offer, homeowners can contact their local Winston Salem roofing professionals.

If homeowners want to replace their old windows with newer, more energy-efficient ones, they need to contact a factory-certified roofing contractor. Homeowners can research different types of replacement windows and find a roofer who has been educated and trained on those specific windows. Another approach would be to contact a roofing contractor with excellent credentials and ask him which type of windows he prefers. While homeowners may buy replacement windows once in their lifetime, roofing contractors install windows for others quite regularly. They know which windows work the best for the area's climate and offer the best cost-performance ratio.

Installation, repair or replacement of skylights is also the roofing contractor's domain. As part of the roof, a skylight must be properly installed to prevent leaking, ice dams and other damage to the home's roof or exterior. Improper installation can lead to failure of the skylight as well as damage to the home. Reliable roofers will install the skylight with the proper flashing, insulation and sealants to ensure optimal performance and enjoyment for the homeowner.

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For gutters and downspouts, roofing contractors are the best contractors for the job. They understand the importance of good gutters and how to properly install them. Improperly installed gutters are responsible for damage to siding, roofing and foundations. Certified roofers have seen the damage to roofs and siding caused by poorly installed gutters and know how to avoid the pitfalls that other contractors are unaware of.

Many roofers also install exterior siding on homes. There are many types of siding, each with its own set of pros and cons. By choosing an experienced roofing contractor to install the siding, homeowners can be guaranteed their home's siding will be installed properly and according to the manufacturer's recommendations, which allows it to perform at its best for the longest time possible.

Many homeowners form lasting relationships with their roofer. If the roofer has provided excellent workmanship and quality materials for the roof, they are more likely to rehire that contractor for their other home improvement or repair needs. Knowing that most roofers are certified for many other exterior home projects keeps the homeowner from having to find a new contractor every time they need something done on their house.

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