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Winston Salem Roofing: Article About Understanding Modern Roofing Cleanup Strategies

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Removing and replacing an entire roof generates a lot of waste. Nails, shingles and underlayment must be pulled from the surface, discarded or recycled. Winston Salem roofing professionals make cleanup a daily process instead of a final task on the project's last day. Ensure that the property stays clean by observing some modern contractor cleanup tactics.

Contractors may work from sunrise to sunset, depending on the conditions and agreement with the homeowners. Each day, professionals start out with many materials both on the roof and stacked neatly at ground level. Bits of old materials, even bitumen, may fall to the ground during the day. Before the crew leaves the site, they should walk around the property to pick up any rogue materials. Although they may just place them in a scrap pile for the moment, all materials should be out of the residents' pathways to the interior. No materials should enter the home accidentally because they can be hazardous to family members.

Nails are one of the biggest hazards during roofing jobs. Contractors literally pull out hundreds of nails that can fall to the ground. Because many homes are surrounded by grass, those nails quickly hide among the blades. Ask the contractor if they have a specific tool to find nails in the grass.

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The tool could be as simple as a magnet, but it's critical for them to have a nail cleanup plan each day to avoid injury to residents between workdays.

Power and hand tools shouldn't be strewn across a property either. Residents should notice that all tools are organized in one area or actually locked up in a temporary container on-site. These tools are extremely hazardous in untrained hands, making injury possible for both people and pets.

Some roof projects require removal of some structural elements such as damaged roofing lumber. There could be a temporary hole in the roof overnight, for example, until the work can be completed the next day. Reputable contractors will cover any exposed area until it's completely repaired. No structure should have open areas to the elements, even overnight. Unexpected rain could easily damage the home further.

Homeowners should find all cleanup details in the roofing contract. Along with material and parts costs, cleanup tools and procedures should also be included so residents understand their rights and responsibilities. The project is a success when the roof is installed perfectly and residents are happy with the contractors themselves.

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