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Winston Salem Roofing: Article About Understanding The Benefits Of Gutter Maintenance

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When properly maintained, gutters carry water safely off of a roof without doing any damage to the underlying or neighboring roof. However, summer storms, autumn leaves and a general lack of maintenance turn gutters into a potential source of roof damage. Homeowners can usually handle light gutter cleaning duties; however, it's best to contact a Winston Salem roofing professional when there are obvious signs of severe damage or clogs since the roof will likely need to be inspected and repaired.

Gutter damage can extend beyond the accumulation of leaves, especially with older gutter systems. Non-seamless gutters, for instance, can form leaks at the seams, allowing water to cascade along the side of a home. Clogged gutters can also cause damage to nearby roof structures, including fascia boards and soffit. Weak spots in fascia boards tend to attract insects and animals, like squirrels and raccoons, often resulting in further damage to the underlying roof structure.

Even if the gutters aren't damaged, homeowners will need to address any issues with the soffit or fascia boards to prevent serious roof damage. A roofing professional typically corrects the issue by temporarily removing the gutters. This allows for convenient access to the roof's protective structures. Removing the gutters also makes it easier for roofers to thoroughly inspect the roof for signs of damage that may not be obvious from an initial visual inspection.

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Most gutter-related roof problems stem from lack of maintenance. Accumulated debris pushes water up against supporting roof structures and redirects the flow of water, which can result in unexpected problems for homeowners. If debris builds up to the point where gutters are completely clogged, for example, run-off from the roof can cascade over the sides of a home, potentially resulting in foundation damage over time.

Gutter cleaning is more important than most homeowners realize, especially since clogged gutters can result in a domino effect of repair problems. The improper flow of water can put extra pressure on downspouts; even semi-clogged gutters can result in damage to vulnerable parts of the roof. Siding can also be damaged from the resulting back-slash.

While homeowners can conduct visual inspections or perform routine cleanings, experienced roofers have the equipment necessary to conduct more detailed inspections and cleanings. Roofing professionals properly bag and remove debris, check for signs of animal damage and infestation along supporting structures and use high-pressure water jets to thoroughly clean gutters and downspouts. Spending a little on a gutter inspection now can save you a costly roof repair down the road.

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