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Many people find out that their roof needs to be replaced when they have a leak in their house. Even though a leak doesn't always indicate a full replacement is necessary, it is a sign the roof needs to be assessed ASAP. A Winston Salem roofing contractor can come to a home, assess the problem, and help a homeowner decide what kind of work needs to be done on the roof. It is important to know the signs and symptoms of wear and tear in order to prevent these problems.

The first major sign that a roof may need to be replaced is the age of the roof. The average lifespan of composite shingles is about 20 years. If shingles are nearing that 20 year mark, it would be wise to put a new roof in the budget soon. However, shingles age quicker in hot climates, homes with improper ventilation, and roofs with multiple layers of shingles. Sometimes if it just looks old and worn, it probably is and needs to be replaced. Wood shingles can last 30 years, while some metal and stone roofs will last upwards of half a century.

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Another symptom of wear is shingles that are curled or buckling, which can cause them to crack or break down quickly. Take a look at the slopes that are in direct sunlight, and, if this is happening, the roof could be past its life expectancy. However, if it is not at or over peak age, it could mean the materials are defective. In other roof types, cracking, rust, and bubbling are signs a roof replacement is imminent.

Check the roof valleys. Precipitation such as snow and rain flow through the valleys into the gutters, and, if these are blocked or compromised, can cause the roof to become weak and leak. Also check chimney flashing. It might need to be replaced with a metal flashing system if it is currently made of tar or roofing cement. This is a long term, water tight solution, and will help prevent leaks.

There are a few other ways to tell if the roof needs to be replaced. Missing shingles could mean the roof's tabs are worn. If there are shingle granules in the gutter, look for bald spots in the shingles, signs of an aging roof. Always keep the roof clean from moss and algae, because these can cause damage to the granules on the shingles over time.

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