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Winston Salem Roofing: Article About What To Know About Roof Inspection

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The roof is perhaps the most important part of a home. The reason for this is that it keeps water out of the interior and provides protection against severe weather and temperatures. If repairing a roof after damage has occurred does not happen in a timely manner, mold and mildew can develop creating structural problems over time and health problems more immediately. A Winston Salem roofing contractor can identify problem areas and explain what is necessary for any type of repair need.

However, roof inspection should not only occur after having been damaged. As a part of regular maintenance and care, a general inspection should take place. Inspecting the roof can identify the quality of the roof, how well it is performing and how long it is expected to last. When damage is present, an inspection will also tell the homeowner what repairs are necessary and the extent of the damage.

An inspection by a qualified professional should always happen after a major storm. In any event, where a potential claim on a homeowner's insurance policy may be necessary, an inspection should also be made. Generally, inspecting before and after the most severe weather season should take place. Inspection is also necessary more often depending upon the type of roof on the building.

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Some roofing is designed for less maintenance and therefore will not require regular inspection.

Only a trained professional in roofing should conduct roof inspections. Trying to identify accurately the extent of damage is not for the amateur. It is not advisable to walk upon the roof due to potentially harming oneself and the possibility of causing more damage to roofing materials.

In the event that there are limbs and debris on the roof, allow a qualified professional to handle the removal. Removing this debris can also cause damage to shingles or tiles that were not already damaged. Professionals would prefer to handle the entire job themselves so they can do it as efficiently as possible. The inspector may also need to see how and where debris fell to determine possible damage locations and issues.

Finally, a roof inspector will also likely need to access the attic area of the home to look for leaking and areas where moisture is entering. In fact, most inspectors will be able to determine most of what they need to know from looking in the roof from the attic. Walking on the roof is not actually a major part of the inspection process.

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