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While most homes have sloped roofs, the popularity of flat roofs is starting to grow. There are many styles of sloped roofs, but there are also different types of flat roofs. One style that Winston Salem roofing experts are about a lot is the York. This unique flat roofing option is created using layers.

One reason why homeowners are becoming interested in York flat roofs is because they are a cost-effective option. While this style of flat roof has been around for a while, it has been mostly used on garages, commercial buildings and house extensions. Unlike truly flat roofs, York roofs are still built at a slight angle, allowing water and other debris to drain.

York flat roofs are built by placing layers on top of each other. The goal is for the layers to protect the house from rain and the sun's ultraviolet rays. This is important since heat from the sun is one of the biggest problems that roofs face. Some of the layers that make up the York flat roof include liquid tar or tar-saturated paper and asphalt. Typically, the asphalt layer goes on top to block the sun's rays.

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When choosing a York flat roof, homeowners have two main options: warm and cold. The warm flat roof is typically used for single family homes. In this style, insulation is installed directly on the roofing deck, and a waterproof material is added to the top to keep out moisture. With this style of flat roof, further ventilation is typically unnecessary. With a cold flat roof, the waterproof material is placed directly on top of the roof deck. Professionals generally recommend some kind of roof ventilation for cold flat roofs.

Because of the regulations that need to be followed when doing work on York flat roofs, it's recommended professionals install or repair this type. Any issues that might arise when installing a York flat roof can be easily addressed by the professionals. Some regulations include fitting drainage ports on one or two edges of the roof, ensuring it has a slight slope and making it strong enough to be walked upon.

Just like any roof, a York flat roof needs to be maintained regularly. Homeowners should hire professional roofers on a bi-annual basis to inspect the roof and remove debris. The best seasons to have experts inspect homes are during the spring and fall. This helps ensure that the roofs are ready for the more extreme temperatures of the summer and winter.

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